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China's open-source strength of the Sixth International OOo won the right to host the annual

- Beijing, China won the 2008 Sixth Annual International the right to host

March 3, 2008 the international open source community (abbreviated OOo) has been published concern to the industry in 2008 of the Sixth International OOo bid host the annual results of the vote by 597 votes in Beijing, China, the total number of votes won the right to host the annual meeting, Orvieto, Italy in second place with 126 votes, and this is the first annual International OOo held in Asian countries, the news release that is caused by many international and domestic concern about the open source industry and enthusiasts .

International Conference (hereinafter referred to as OOo Conference) since 2002, held annually, is an international open-source technology, the highest level of event, from all over the world's leading open source technologies and brings together the backbone, through the Forum, seminars and other interactive forms to share the results of the open source technology, promote effective use of open source software technology to enhance the global level, to break the technological monopoly.

OOo communities will receive each year from around the world bid to host the application, make OOo the General Assembly held in the country for open-source technology for enthusiasts and followers, are an exciting thing. The bid for the 2008 Sixth Annual International OOo cities include: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Bratislava, Budapest, Hungary, Ireland, Dundalk, Orvieto, Italy and Beijing, China. Previous calendar is the annual industry held in European countries, European countries not only shows the importance attached to open source technologies, open source technology also shows the extent of development in foreign countries. Red Flag 2000 is the first office suite based on open source technology company, has been working on the development and promotion of open source products, but also has been active in the relevant work of the international open source community, both in 2006 and 2007 to participate in international OOo annual meeting, and through the years will introduce China to the international open source community and with the international community to start the communication and exchange, not only the international open source community a deeper understanding of China also won international recognition and the height of the open source community support.

Based on the international open source community to understand and promote the desire of domestic open-source technology, to create software by Beijing Union and the Beijing Changfeng Open Standard Platform Software Alliance, many open-source community as well as domestic support to Red Flag 2000, company representatives to international OOo OOo community to host the Sixth Annual Meeting of the application, and eventually to 597 votes in the total number of votes obtained the right to host the annual meeting, not only shows that the Chinese open-source efforts in the international communities to be recognized degree, but also shows China's open-source Technology is at a rapid pace. The Italian Orvieto 471 higher than the second gap between the winner of this vote is enough to indicate the opportunity of China's vast market, advocate openness, Gong Ping, dedication of open source technology is quietly became popular, believe that by Guo Ji Nian Kuai in OOo held in China will vigorously promote the domestic software "open source" of and to stimulate domestic open source technology boom, and the present, "grass-roots open source" enthusiasts through the Congress and the international open source community to interact and improve their own level.

It is reported that the OOo autumn of the Year will be held in Beijing in October, when will be forums, seminars and other interactive forms, I believe that after the Olympic Games, Beijing will usher in the open source community, the flame will be!

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